Septic Services

Septic Pumping

Residential and Commercial septic tank pumping service.
We will send you post card reminders to let you know when your tank is due for a cleaning.

Septic Riser Installations

Raise septic tank cleanout covers to ground level.

Hydro Jetting Drainfield Restoration

High pressure water utilized to clean leach lines, drain lines and more.

Septic Inspections

Real estate inspections for house closings. We are trained and certified through SUNY Delhi for septic system inspections.

Troubleshoot/Repair Septic Problems

Clogged drainfields, failed pumps, plugged filters, etc. See the warning signs your tank may need repair. 

Septic Tank Additives Available

We offer liquid bacteria/enzyme septic treatment additive to break down the solids in the tank and to keep the drain lines clean, as well as reduce smells in plumbing traps.